Process Serving - UK Nationwide Service


The delivering of legal documents (the legal process), to an individual  or company by the utilisation of a person

(the process server), so instructed specifically to do so and to provide documentary proof of such deliverance.


To effect efficient and cost effective Process Serving throughout the UK on an individual, company or registered office as quickly as possible.

Fees & Time

We are able to effect national process serving on a competitive fixed fee basis in respect of routine matters.  We will of course work within the last day for service for time related matters and will always endeavor to effect service as soon as possible.  We do not accept payment in cash.

Legal Aid (UK only)

For more complex process serving and Legal Aid (UK only) process serving we can operate a time and mileage system.

USA, Canadian, European and Australasian Process

We are able to effect fixed fee process serving in respect of foreign documents such as USA, Canadian, European and Australasian process serving and are familiar with the various Affidavits of Service required.Click here for more details.

Affidavit of Service (Notorisation Fee), Statement of Service and Certificate of Service fees

We make no charge for the preparation of proofs of service or applications for substitued service other than the Affidavit Oath fee (Notorisation Fee) which is paid by us to the commissioner for Oaths or solicitor (attorney). This is usually a £7.00 charge which we simply will add to our invoice.

Letters of Appointment

When and if necessary we will send to the person to be served the proscribed letter of appointment.  We make no extra charge for the preparation and sending of the letter of appointment.


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